An affliction of capitalism

Two and a half years after starting The Lowly Esculent series, I have hit the longest lasting creative block I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes, I’m not even sure there’s much point in continuing down the artist’s path. Progress is slow and return can be little, making art require immense amounts of discipline, dedication, and patience. OfContinue reading “An affliction of capitalism”

What is an Herbalist?

Ever since my acceptance into NYU Steinhardt’s Food Studies MA program, I’ve been conflicted between multiple paths. Do I go back to school for my Master’s despite the price tag? Or do I stay on track and go to school for herbs? Could I possibly do both? Everyone I ask (family, friends, and strangers included)Continue reading “What is an Herbalist?”

Food, Art, Culture, Science: An interdisciplinary approach to health and sustainability. (introductory rambles)

It takes a bit of thought to create a cohesive website that fits together the interdisciplinary fields of art, plant science, and food. I believe that weaving together western science, traditional belief systems, and human culture is essential to a future that is sustainable in every sense of the word, and this is what IContinue reading “Food, Art, Culture, Science: An interdisciplinary approach to health and sustainability. (introductory rambles)”

Forbidden Fruits

The appetite for tropical and Mediterranean crops among Northerners rapidly expanded into culinary obsession over the last 100 or so years. Their wide-scale cultivation is highly destructive to lowland rainforests, and their high demand for water can be obscene. Despite this, many who live outside the habitat range of these foreign fruits think that accessContinue reading “Forbidden Fruits”

Lime (Citrus spp.)

Lime is a mysterious fruit. His name refers to many species within the genus Citrus, which is partly due to the genus’s ease in hybridizing. Species cross with others successfully and make new, often tasty, fruits. His place of origin is also still unclear, though he most likely was born in Indonesia or Southeast AsiaContinue reading “Lime (Citrus spp.)”

Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis; Ranunculaceae)

A tried and true medicine as well as colorant, Goldenseal is believed to cure ailments as diverse as muscle spasms, infection, cancer, and more. Like many other wild medicinals, Goldenseal has become endangered, her populations never recovering from mid 19th century over harvesting. While it is now illegal to harvest this Buttercup cousin on publicContinue reading “Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis; Ranunculaceae)”