My Philosophy

In our modern world, we have the ability to draw from many herbal traditions as well as from modern science. The value of traditional knowledge passed down through many generations cannot be understated, and I believe it is its own form of science worthy of respect and honor. Good scientific studies can offer us immense insight as well and help us piece together this incomprehensible world we live in. Utilizing all information available creates a well rounded, highly effective, and integrative approach to herbal medicine. I hope for a future where herbalists can work along side physicians and firmly believe that western medicine and traditional medicine are best when used together in an evidence-based, patient-empowered approach.

As an herbalist, it is my duty to not just assist others on their path to wellness, but to advocate for universal healthcare, bodily autonomy, and a more sustainable future where individual health is connected to the health of the community and to the land. Many Americans suffer because of generations of redlining, environmental racism, misogyny, and ableism, and we cannot separate health and wellness from the greater sociological, political, and economic issues we face everyday. 

Herbalism is the people’s medicine, and I enjoy helping others learn how to make their own herbal products, grow plants, and properly ID plants. This is my greatest joy as an herbalist, and my work in herbal medicine is rooted in my love of plants. Plants are our greatest teachers and have so much wisdom to share. I continue to work to enrich and uplift my ecological community through sustainable gardening and invasive plant removal.

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