I’m Megan, an illustrator, herbalist, and avid lover of plants. Through my work as an artist, I attempt to share my fascination with the botanical world and to deepen my own relationship with plants. Using whimsy and humor, I hope to bring awareness to the current issues intrinsic to our food (and herb) system while educating my viewers on the curious histories of some of our most common foods.

In our modern world, we have the ability to draw from many herbal traditions as well as from science. I believe utilizing all information available creates a well rounded, highly effective, and integrative approach to herbal medicine. As an herbalist, it is my duty is to not just assist others on their path to wellness, but to advocate for universal healthcare, bodily autonomy, and a more sustainable future where individual health is connected to the health of the community and to the land.

Click here to view my artist resume.

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