Hey world,

I hate writing bios and always seem to say too much or too little. I will do my best.

I don’t know what came first, my love of food or my love of plants. I don’t think it really matters, though, because they both go hand-in-hand and have persisted, and co-mingled, throughout my life thus far.

Book to book, mentor to mentor, I try to glean as much knowledge and perspective as I can. I have always identified most as an artist. Even through the longest creative fallows I endure, it is art that is on my mind.

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Qualifications & Certifications

Masters in Food Studies
New York University Steinhardt, NYC (~2023)

David Winston’s Herbal Studies 2 year Program

WSET Advanced Level Certification
International Wine Center, NYC (2019)

WSET Intermediate Level Certification
International Wine Center, NYC (2018)

Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Chemical Ecology & Painting
Marlboro College, Marlboro VT (2012 – 2016)

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