The Lowly Esculent

(( Welcome to my plant world ))

This website is under construction. Forgive any typos. I’m not sure when I’ll finish uploading oil works.

About Us

What I believe…

Food, fiber, medicine, and dye. Plants are an incalculable resource for humanity with histories so rich and splendid and so tangled with our own. Yet much of this past has been forgotten and nearly erased. We no longer know how to live in reciprocity with the land nor with one another. As an artist and an herbalist, my work is to reconnect as many people with the sources of our food, medicine, and beyond.

The perils of industrial agriculture, and all other children of capitalism, weigh heavy on my heart. I strand against the injustices fueled by a profit-driven political framework, against systemic racism, sexism, and xenophobia.

About the Creator

Megan is an illustrator, writer, food advocate, and herbalist.