Mentorship with Kerry Adams, RH AHG, ABT, NCCAOM: One-on-one mentorship with Registered Herbalist Kerry Adams to grow and sharpen my clinical skills. Current.

David Winston’s Therapeutics Program (2022-2023): Deeper study into clinical practice and herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle protocols for specific indications. Currently Enrolled

Aviva Romm’s Herbal Medicine for Women (18 month course. Expected to complete the program in 2023): Specialized education in herbal medicine for women. Currently Enrolled

David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies (2020-2022): Approximately 780 hours of study covering materia medica, diagnostics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, botany, phytochemistry, herbal pharmacy, formulation, and more.

Marlboro College (2012-2016): BA in Plant Chemical Ecology and Visual Art. Here, my studies focused on plant chemical ecology and ethnobotany. In my thesis, I reviewed the impact plant domestication had on the relationships between plants and their environment.

In addition, I have taken courses with Rosalee de la Foret, Tammi Sweet, Paul Bergner, and others, courses in nutrition at NYU, and have attended multiple workshops throughout the years at herbal conferences and with the American Herbalist Guild.

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