Please email me at to register or to ask questions!

Summer Workshop Schedule is Coming Soon!! Check back in at the end of May.

Plant Walk at the Tourne (Postponed until June!): Join me for a stroll through the Tourne! We will meet at the Boonton Side with the Gazebo, talk about some common yard plants in the fields, then complete the loop that takes the short-cut through the meadow. This will not be a difficult walk, but please email to register and sign a Hold Harmless agreement. 8 spots available. $10 per person.

Shade-Tolerant Native Medicinals (Date TBD… Zoom): Come listen to me rant and rave about some of my garden plants! I have very little sun in my garden, and because of it, my focus is on forest-dwelling and shade tolerant plants. I’ll show off some photos from these lovely plants, talk about their medicinal qualities, how to grow them, and where to find them. Free. Please email me to register.

Extract Making Workshop (Sun, May 28, 11am-1pm): In this workshop, we will cover what herbal extracts are and the different applications for each. Our focus will be on alcohol-based extracts, or tinctures. We will learn different ways to make tinctures and each guest will get to make their own. $55 per person. FULL.

Flower Pressing Workshop (Late Summer Date TBD): What’s an herbarium, and how can we make our own?! In this workshop, we’ll take a stroll through Boonton Falls and talk about ethical plant gathering. Then we’ll head back to the shop and press our own flower or herb specimens from my garden. Each guest will go home with their own 12″x18″ flower pressing kit. Please email to me to be put on the “first dibs” list for a Fall date of this workshop.

The Kitchen Witch’s Cupboard (Date tbd…): In this remote workshop, we’ll talk about some common kitchen herbs and their health benefits. The best place to start studying herbalism is with our most common herbs! $12 per person. Registration will open in April. Via Zoom.

Practical Herbalism (Check back in for future dates!): In this workshop, we’ll introduce the concept of “energetics” and why it’s important to think about herbs from this perspective. We’ll talk about the Five Flavors of Chinese Medicine and the Six Flavors of Ayurveda, other tastes beyond these, and what they mean while we taste different herbs. Email me at to register. $30.

Intro to Botany (Future Date TBD): Join me for a zoom workshop on the introduction of botany. We will cover the essentials in telling plants apart and some common plant families.

Cancellation Policy: Registration fees for missed workshops cannot be refunded. I understand things happen; The registration fee from a missed workshop can be applied to a future workshop offered. If I need to cancel a workshop due to personal reasons or dangerous weather, then a refund or credit will be offered.

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