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For me, tea is a daily necessity. Jars of blended herbs are always on the counter; The kettle is one of the first things I turn on when I get home. Anxious by nature, it has grounded me in ways both ritual and pharmacological.

It is all sensory. From the sound of water raging in a kettle to the warmth of the cup, tea is both beverage and meditation. We can drink it to get warm or to keep cool, to wake up or settle down – whatever our intentions, tea can aid us.

As an artist, I find that the mixing of herbs satisfies creativity in surprising ways. Drawing from a palette of herbs of different hues, shades, shapes, and smells, making tea is like mixing colors, the final product having a specific but complex energy and mood – its own personality, much like color.

My teas are intended to be recreational, but custom blends can be made.

I have been studying herbalism since my teenage years and am currently training at David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies. I have had the privilege to learn from many herbalists including Rich Mandelbaum, Tammi Sweet, Amanda David, and others.

To schedule an intake, please contact me. I operate on a sliding scale basis.

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