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My interest in plants has existed since I was just a child. The plants who grew in my backyard allured me, and I couldn’t help but wonder about their names and their powers. I would spend hours exploring the woods that lay just beyond my yard, and I cried when much of these woods were torn down to fuel Human’s implacable expansion. 

My interests in plants stayed with me through the years, and it was only natural that I studied plant biology in college. Botany was necessary to learn the names of plants, and Ecology taught me about their many relationships. Phytochemistry taught me about their behavior, their skills, and their powers. And through gardening and hiking, I came to understand their lives and unique personalities.  

I do not place medicinal herbs above other plants. They do not interest me more than Zucchini or Potato. I find them no more exciting than Dyer’s Madder and Indigo. Certainly, they are not more important than a plant who may have no use to humans, but who has a role – even if minor – in their own ecosystem. For me, herbs are a piece to a much greater plant puzzle. From food to medicine, fiber to dye, every plant is special, and we need to remember how essential plants are to a balanced and sustainable life. 

That said, herbalism is overwhelmingly complex, but this should not stop people from learning. Just as every family should have a small garden, I believe everyone should have a basic understanding of medicinal herbs. We must incorporate tea into our daily rituals. We do not need to be experts, but we do need plant medicine as we need local food and strong communities. We need access to herbs grown locally by someone who knows and cares for the people consuming these herbs.

I founded Sheep Hill Herbals to share my love and passion for plants through an outlet complementary to my illustration. As I continue to deepen my understanding of herbalism and food systems, I want to share what I learn with all who will listen.

As an ethical company, we source from organic and fairtrade merchants when products cannot be grown locally. All herbs are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and no herb is heat dried. We only use the best Pu-Erh and aged White teas for our caffeinated blends, sourced from our partner Sinofilia Tea Shop

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