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Caliban and the Witch: Women, The Body, & Primitive Accumulation is a must-read book for all modern witches, feminists, political theorists, and political activists. Political Science Scholar Silvia Federici offers a compelling critique of Marxist theory, reviewing the roll that the 16th and 17th Witch Hunts had in land privatization and capitalism.

This book will change the way you understand witchcraft.

Table of Contents:

  1. Preface (pg 7)
  2. Introduction (pg 11)
  3. All the World Needs a Jolt: Social Movements and Political Crisis in Medieval Europe (pg. 21)
  4. The Accumulation of Labor and the Degradation of Women: Constructing “Difference” in the “Transition to Capitalism” (pg 61)
  5. The Great Caliban: The Struggle Against the Rebel Body (pg 133)
  6. The Great Witch Hunt in Europe (pg 163)
  7. Colonization and Christianization: Caliban and Witches in the New World (pg 219)
  8. Index (pg 244)


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