Aged Raw PuErh & Osmanthus Tea Ball


These floral teas are made from hand-picked premium organic tea leaves of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province with average ages of trees being round 200 years old. Each tea type is mixed with locally harvested wild flowers that offer unique properties and benefits. Steep 10 or more times. Each steep gives a unique flavor, with the floral flavor dominating the first steep followed by the tea leaf flavor. I will include steeping instructions with each shipment.

Osmanthus (Yellow Dragon Ball): The tea has “a mix of gold-yellow coloreds Osmanthus. The flower head has been treated with a high temperature drying process to obtain the natural fragrance of the flowers. Osmanthus is known in Chinese Herbal literature roots to help body detoxification and to treat coughs, hoarseness, dry throat feeling and phlegm. This one is also great to drink cold on a hot summer day to relax your body and soul with Osmanthus’s unique, elegant fragrance.”


Steeping Instructions included.

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