Aged Raw PuErh & Jasmine Tea Ball


These floral teas are made from hand-picked premium organic tea leaves of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province with average ages of trees being round 200 years old. Each tea type is mixed with locally harvested wild flowers that offer unique properties and benefits. Steep 10 or more times. Each steep gives a unique flavor, with the floral flavor dominating the first steep followed by the tea leaf flavor. I will include steeping instructions with each shipment.

Jasmine (Green Dragon Ball): “The tea has a mix of locally grown organic Jasmine flowers. The fresh and elegant fragrance of Jasmine with the light sweetness from the age tree tea leaves form a perfect match. It will relax a busy body and soul quickly to enter a quiet and comfortable zone. Other than its elegant fragrance, Jasmine also can soothe the stomach, relieve tension, calm the nerves, and clean intestinal toxins. It suits the people with bis office workloads and those with insomnia problems. Long twm consumption can also yield the result of skin whitening and slow down aging process. ”


Steeping Instructions included.

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