Fine Art

Stypulkoski works in multiple different styles. While The Lowly Esculent has taken center stage, fulfilling the artist’s passion for plant biology as well as her need for creativity, she continues to work in her other styles (time permitted of course).

Her narrative still-lifes explore human interactions and emotions. A deeply introverted individual who deals with issues of anxiety, these works satirize the weight so many people put on their social image. They confront our sense of obligation to loved ones, our responsibilities to community and family, and the feelings of loss and loneliness intrinsic to the human condition.

The artist’s abstract works are meditative. Highly textural and typically non-representational, these works satisfy the tactile act of creating. They are the result of loose creativity, resulting in works that can be visually explored in multiple dimensions.

The Watercolor Creatures are invented specimens. All are painted from still-lifes.