Sept 5 (I’ll get around to titles, because they matter. Just not yet.)

“After earning a BFA, [Judy Brady] wanted to pursue a master’s degree. To do so, she had to go before a committee who would recommend her to further her studies. At the meeting, the all-male committee told her that she had the talent but that there wasn’t much purpose in going for a master’s — because no university would hire a woman.” – ‘Why I want a Wife’: The overwhelmed working mom who pined for a wife 50 years ago, New York Times

Artists go through periods of stagnant production. I have mentioned this numerous times throughout this year, partly as a consolation for the months of apathy towards my art. I have taken breaks, taken art classes, then breaks again. I have mixed up media and subject matter. From meditation to artist documentaries, nothing has made creativity feel anything other than heavy. At times, I wondered if it was time to pack up my art, to focus on a career path that isn’t quite so fruitless.

But then I was reminded of how hard women have fought for the freedom to pursue our dreams. Women achieve fewer awards for creative accomplishments, and not because we don’t deserve them. We are constantly belittled and so often transformed into the subjects rather than creators.

To this day, men’s creativity is seen as more impressive. It is more valued.

I honor the women who were courageous enough to pursue their intellect and art. Who joined convents to find freedom, who published books and sold paintings under male names. I remember the women who lived lives with dreams unfulfilled.

It is my duty to the suffragists and feminists to do my art.

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