First taste of the garden…

March is a month of tease. The beautiful, 70 degree weather on Monday was all I needed to be inspired to do some garden work. Garden prep is always time-consuming, and with such a shady garden, clearing out the leaves is a project in itself. Not many Plants are growing yet, but the Lemon Balm is eager to spread out and Nettles, of course, was already ready for a humble harvest. Foraging some invasive Garlic Mustards to add to my Nettles made for quite the delicious lunch.

I’m still not ready for big salads and smoothies. Soup weather is still all around, and I need my warming Ginger tea each morning. I stay home, wrapped in a blanket, reflecting on the opportunities presenting themselves to me. Graduate School, Herbal School, pursuing my herbal business, trying to focus on my art, reminding myself I need to exercise more… It’s been overwhelming.

Returning to my garden brought me so much clarity. Growing herbs and sharing my love for plants and food with others is my passion. When you love your work – whether it’s working outside in the soil or in the library, poured over scholarly books on Food – it doesn’t feel like work.

With my market season lined up, I know I will be overwhelmed, but I’m excited to see where this year takes me. Forgive me if I’m redundant these days – my mind is orbiting around so much potential and excitement.

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