Food, Art, Culture, Science: An interdisciplinary approach to health and sustainability. (introductory rambles)

It takes a bit of thought to create a cohesive website that fits together the interdisciplinary fields of art, plant science, and food. I believe that weaving together western science, traditional belief systems, and human culture is essential to a future that is sustainable in every sense of the word, and this is what I think about through my illustration and art. To be of authority to speak on a subject, I feel it is essential to be very well-read on said subject. Like with everything in life, the more I learn, the less I know.

Education is the best thing we can do for our minds and our nation. Formal academia is not for everyone, but for some, like me, it brings a unique sense of joy and satisfaction. As an herbalist and aspiring scholar on food, I feel compelled to once again head down the rabbit hole of dedicated study. Now I am faced with a choice: do I study herbalism in a 2-year program? Do I enroll in NYU to study food systems through the lens of an artist? And is it possible to do both? (I hope it is!)

These are the thoughts that I am mulling over today as I read through Annemarie Colbin’s Food and Healing. Though a little outdated, this book offers its readers wisdom on balance and individualized approach to food. As I will say over and over again, no one diet fits all. Similarly, what works in the summer may not work in the winter. Food and herbs are intrinsically linked. While Colbin does not go into discourse on the role art and media play in public perception of food and food production, these are the connections that I make as I read through her writing.

Well, I’ll be back in a week with another book crossed off my to-read list and, perhaps, a better sense of which path I should pursue during this exciting time.

And, maybe, my website will be fully updated too! (but don’t count on it 😉 )

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