January 2020

January 2020: the beginning of a new decade. It is as significant as we decide it to be, and I, for one, want it to be significant. I am faced with many questions this year. Do I go back to school? If yes, then how do I afford it without magnifying my present debt? If no, then where to next? What job could I enjoy as much as I enjoy art? And do I even enjoy art, or is it the autonomy of a sole-proprietress that I truly seek?

Like all small businesses, pursuing a career in art requires considerable sacrifice. It takes years to build yourself, and the discipline and patience necessary for success makes a typical nine-to-five job very appealing. No financial security can replace the thrill of pursuing one’s passion, however, and how can you mollify the obsessions that demand so much of your attention? So it seems I will continue to make these sacrifices.

Today is the first day of my first full week as a full time artist. This is experimental, and I am still lined up for a full season of garden work. However, these next few months will be dedicated to building The Lowly Esculent and, finally, broadening its scope into written work.

I encourage you to sign up for my Newsletter. This week will be spent planning my year out, finishing some illustrations, and working on my website. Let’s see how far things go!

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