Food & Art: A sticker for your thoughts

I am excited to begin focusing more on the written aspects of my illustrations, exploring ideas, patterns, and problems regarding our current food system, sustainability, and cultural relationships to food.
As I begin the application process for graduate studies in food systems, I’ve been thinking more and more about the relationship food and art have together, and I want your input!

In many ways, food and art can be seen as opposites. One is essential for survival whereas the other is a frivolous human anomaly. Yet, both food and art are a way of shaping and expressing culture (both national and local). They can declare social status and reflect social trends. They are sensual experiences that evoke emotion and nostalgia. Food representation in art has existed for as long as there has been art, but its representation has changed drastically over time. I want to hear your own experiences with art and food, how you see them fitting together, and what relationship they share. Does my illustration work have an impact on the way you look at food and its production? Do you think art has a role in fixing our broken food system?

Email your responses to with your address. All responses will be gifted a thank you card and sticker! 

Mid May mumbles…

Mid-May means that it’s been a full three years since I graduated college. Time certainly flies, but it also slowly tromps along and passes us by.

I’ve always gone back and forth on graduate school. It may be a waste of money, but I like being challenged. I like being in an environment that encourages me to learn as much as I can and to digest what I learn into new and meaningful applications. Writing, like art, is one of these applications. It can turn dense, dry writing into poetic and parsimonious commentaries. If anything, it helps the writer cement and organize complex and multifaceted subjects.

I think this Fall I will apply to graduate school. Whether I go or not will be a decision made in the Spring. For now, I need to focus on making sense of the books I read and experiences I have. I need to articulate a thesis that encompasses my interests and my creativity.

So, what is it about the food system and plant domestication that engages me so much? What do I have to offer? What can I accomplish?